Thinking About Mixed-Age Care Resource Guide

Effective mixed-age care depends on how you develop your family child care space. To maximize the educational and cognitive benefits provided by mixed- age care, your family child care space must accommodate the learning, development, and care of ALL of your students.

Teacher Activity Book – B-3QI

If you are looking for fun and developmentally appropriate activities for your birth-to-three classroom, look no further! The activities included here align with all five developmental domains of the North Carolina Foundations for Early Learning and Development (NC FELD).

School Age Materials Toolkit

Effective school age care environments require a diverse range of materials that must meet the needs of all enrolled students. Meeting these specific needs requires crafting activity areas geared for younger children, while simultaneously challenging older students in the group. For this process to flow smoothly, group leaders and program directors must think intentionally about… Continue reading School Age Materials Toolkit