NC School Age Trauma Resource Series – Section 2: Supporting Student Resiliency

The effects of trauma are real, but they don’t have to be permanent. Trauma induced by adversity, abuse, hunger, and injustice stands as a roadblock for many students in our state; however, resilience is attainable when students are given the right tools to achieve success. Access to quality school age programming is one of the most effective tools in guiding students towards this road to resiliency. School age programs offer safety to the abused, food to the hungry, and comfort to those students who feel that all is lost.

Section Two of The North Carolina School Age Trauma and Resilience Series looks specifically at the foundation of student resiliency and trauma management. This section focuses on the importance of creating an effective school age program culture that is based on trauma-informed relationship building, family engagement, and environment set up.

The North Carolina School Age Trauma and Resilience Resource Series is developed in coordination with the NC Division of Child Development and Early Education, NC CCR&R Council, and Southwestern Child Development Commission.